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28 April 2020 News


28 April 2020 News

  • COVID-19: India Update

Active cases: 21132

Discharged: 6361

Deaths: 886

(Source-Ministry of Health)

  • Delhi-Haryana border to be sealed tomorrow can only enter with passes: Haryana Police. (Source-NDTV)
  • 2 Chinese firms’ COVID-19 test kits found “under-performing”, orders cancelled, not a single rupee will be lost: government. (Source-NDTV)
  • No move to reduce retirement age of central government employees: Personnel Minister. (Source-Economic Times)
  • India seeks IMF, World Bank help to deal with IIP, CPI data gaps. (Source-Economic Times)
  • The recent coronavirus outbreak across the Globe has led to high market volatility, with sharp movements being seen on both sides. Amidst the flight of FII investments, India VIX touched its all-time highs recently. The sharp corrections on account of COVID-19 disruptions led to a 23% fall in NSE Nifty50 during March 2020 and an overall 26% fall over the last one year. (Source-Deccan Herald
  • Making arrangements for quarantining a large number of evacuees for at least 14 days after their return is proving to be the most difficult part of the planning, as India is weighing options to bring back home its nationals stranded in France, Italy, the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and other foreign countries. (Source-Deccan Herald)
  • The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has announced a special liquidity facility for mutual funds of Rs 50,000 crores, with a view to easing liquidity pressures on mutual funds. RBI shall conduct repo operations of 90 days tenor at the fixed repo rate. (Source-Deccan Herald)
  • The Shiv Sena on Monday said it is the Centre’s responsibility to make arrangements for sending migrant labourers to their native places in the wake of the lockdown enforced to contain the spread of coronavirus. (Source-Deccan Herald)
  • Pakistan’s anti-graft body has issued an arrest warrant against embattled former prime minister Nawaz Sharif in a 34-year-old land-related corruption case. (Source-Deccan Herald)
  • American Physicians of Indian-Origin (AAPI) President Dr Suresh Reddy, applauding the hundreds of thousands of Indian-origin medical personnel bravely fighting against the virus, said that “every 7th doctor in the US is an Indian and they are at the frontlines, working as soldiers and fighting the virus”. (Source-Deccan Herald)
  • Chief Justice of India S A Bobde on Monday rubbished the allegation that the Supreme Court was toeing the government’s line and was not hauling it up on inadequacy of measures during the COVID-19 pandemic. (Source-Deccan Herald)
  • India is discussing with China, Russia, Brazil and South Africa, to set up a BRICS Vaccine Research and Development Centre, as the COVID-19 pandemic has apparently brought cooperation in the healthcare sector to the top of the agenda of the five-nation bloc. (Source-Deccan Herald)
  • More US states begin lifting virus lockdown orders: Some Americans can resume going to restaurants, cinemas and nail salons starting this week. (Source-BBC News)
  • Saudi Arabia ends executions for crimes committed by minors, says commission: The Human Rights Commission says people who committed crimes as minors will no longer be executed. (Source-BBC News)
  • Coronavirus: Schools start reopening in China’s biggest cities: Some older pupils in Beijing and Shanghai are going back to classes as normal life begins to resume. (Source-BBC News)

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