Wednesday, September 30



One day I was playing in the park with my friends. It was a pleasant day of summer. Suddenly I saw a girl. She was a new in our locality. She was not comfortable with us because she was new. So when she came in the park everyone start staring on her. After a while boys were making fun of her. She felt very bad and ran away from there. After running from that place she sat on the bench which was made for the older persons. But she didn’t know about it as she was new in the area. So when the children saw her sitting on that bench, again they were started making fun of her. So she ran to her home back. Her mother saw her crying she asked ‘what happened to you my dear’. That girl told her mother everything what ever happened to her today in the park. Meanwhile I thought I should go to that girl’s home and console her. So when I reached there I saw her crying in her mother’s arms. I stopped there and started watching her from the window, suddenly her mother saw me and she said to me come inside the house. So when I met her mother I said sorry for all that happened in the park with her today. But that girl said to her mother that she was not with them who were making fun of me. Her mother said don’t say sorry beta please come and sit with us. After that she gave me fruits and chocolates. I just asked that girl what is your name and she replied that Hello! My name is Hafsa, would you like to be my friend? I Said oh sure! Why not, it will be my pleasure. After few days there was a complete lock down in our country so is in our locality too. Since my friend was very new in our area so she was not much aware about local markets. My friend was in urgent need of some stationary items like Pen, Pencil and color pencils because we were all getting online assignments from the school. After lock down we were shocked and shattered because nobody can move from one place to another place. She called me up and said the entire story. I Said to her that I have enough stationary material with me so don’t worry I will give it to you whatever you need. But the big problem was that how can I reach there? So I decided to go there in the night along with my brother. Fortunately I met her and hand over the things which she needed. We both promised to help anyone and everyone who is in need. After that day we were remained the best friends and always communicating with each other through internet. Today I am experiencing the real meaning of technology.

MORAL-Always help others and be kind.


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